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Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

The experts at W F Biggins Associates specialize in exposure control plans, employee training, training documents, and ongoing support when it comes to bloodborne pathogens.

We start by surveying your facility to identify activities with potential bloodborne pathogen exposures and to identify which employees may have the potential to be exposed to bloodborne pathogens. Next, we assist you in developing procedures to either eliminate potential exposures or to respond properly in these situations, should they arise, including the application of universal precautions.

After procedures are in place, our team assists you in selecting the proper personal protection equipment and response equipment, along with assisting you establish your vaccination program and medical recordkeeping protocol. Additionally, we prepare and publish your written exposure control plan.

Lastly, we train your employees on the hazards of bloodborne pathogens, any emergency scenarios associated with your facility, and the contents of your exposure control plan using interactive classroom techniques.

Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

Since 1985, we have made it our mission to ensure your team is safe and protected in times of crisis.

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