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We offer more than regulatory compliance advice. Our team gets the job done! We listen to employee complaints and provide feedback in order to foster a trustworthy environment, open to improvements and adjustments. With help from our seasoned and experienced environmental safety professionals, you can create an open line of communication throughout the process.

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We do the work for you to bring you into OSHA compliance.

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We stay current with OSHA and EPA regulations.

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As outside health & safety trainers we bring added objectivity and credibility to your training.

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We are experienced and effective environmental health & safety trainers.

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We have experience working directly regularly with regulators.

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We are effective OSHA and EPA report and plan generators.

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We are unbiased expert witnesses.

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Apply your resources to conduct the business that generates profits.


We attend seminars, review the Federal Register, and read Trade Publications and Newsletters, in order to bring you the best and latest information.


We’ll make sure you have the information you need to stay within OSHA regulatory guidelines. As outside trainers we bring added objectivity and credibility to your training.


We have the experience and expertise to draw the attention of your team in order to prevent accidents, injuries, and violations. Our team can quickly and easily increase your employees’ awareness of risks and their sense of personal responsibility. With over 30 years of experience as health & safety trainers, we will work with your team to ensure your employees know that management is committed to their well being, thus enhancing morale.


We help you manage OSHA inspections and respond to events effectively. This minimizes costs and problems with negative public relations.


We have a unique, proven, trademarked system to create and implement OSHA and EPA plans for any company in order to satisfy regulators and impress them with your good faith efforts. All plans are designed to be clear and compelling to outside parties; e.g. planning committees, conservation commissions, juries, etc.


Should a court case arise, we will stand by your side with neutral, expert information.


Since 1985, we have been here to offer you the assistance you need with the benefits you deserve.

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