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[vcex_heading text=”Experience with all agencies and compliance inspections” tag=”h2″ color=”#205162″]

Worried about an upcoming compliance inspection? Want to know how to master interactions with your state regulators? There’s nothing to fear—W F Biggins Associates is here.

Whether you’re facing an EPA or OSHA inspection or are simply looking for training and planning in order to best comply with a wide range of regulations, we’ve been helping our clients with local, state and federal agencies for over 30 years.

[vcex_heading text=”Our regulatory practice includes:” tag=”h3″ color=”#205162″]

Federal Agencies: EPA, OSHA, DOT

State Agencies: DEC, DEP, DEM, DIS, DLI, DPH, DPS, etc.

Local Authorities: Local Emergency Response Committees, Conservation Commissions, Boards of Health, Building Inspection Departments, Sewer Departments, and Planning Departments.

[vcex_heading text=”We have helped companies comply with the following laws:” tag=”h3″ color=”#205162″]

CAA – Clean Air Act and Amendments

CERCLA – Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

CWA – Clean Water Act and Amendments

EPCRA – Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act

EQIA – Environmental Quality Improvement Act

FWPCA – Federal Water Pollution Control Act

HMTA – Hazardous Materials Transportation Act

HSCA – Hazardous Substances Control Act

NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act

NWA – Navigable Waters Act

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Act

OPPA – Oil Pollution Prevention Act

PPA – Pollution Prevention Act

RCRA – Resource Conservation and Reclamation Act

SWDA – Solid Waste Disposal Act

TSCA – Toxic Substance Control Act

TURA – Toxic Use Reduction Act

MA HAZMAT Process/Processing Rule


Since 1985, we have been here to support you, no matter the regulatory issue at hand.

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