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Confined Space Entry

When it comes to confined space entry, W F Biggins Associates professionals specialize in defining exposure, developing a permit program, preparing program documentation, employee training, training documents, and ongoing support.

We start by surveying your facility to locate, identify, and categorize your confined spaces. Next, our team will help you establish your entry procedures, entry permit, and rescue procedures. Additionally, we assist you in selecting your air sampling meter, entry equipment, and rescue equipment.

After risks have been identified, procedures are established, and equipment is selected, we will then prepare and publish your written program.

Lastly, we will train your entry supervisor(s), entrants, entry attendant(s), and rescue team. We train them in the hazards of confined space entry and your spaces, your entry protocol and procedures, and rescue procedures at your facility using interactive classroom techniques.

Confined Space Entry

Since 1985, we have made it our mission to ensure your team is safe and protected in times of crisis.

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