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Powered Industrial Truck Safety

There are many hazards associated with operating a powered industrial truck, therefore it is important your employees have been trained properly and have demonstrated they are competent to operate a powered truck safely.

Each type of powered industrial truck and the type of workplace poses different operating hazards. Various hazards include being involved in a falling load accident, maintaining pedestrian safety, lift trucks tipping over, workers being struck by a lift truck or falling off an elevated surface such as a loading dock, and much more. As safety compliance experts, our team will evaluate your workplace and assist in putting safety procedures in place.

Our team will start by inspecting your forklifts and powered pallet jacks. Then preparing and publishing your training materials. In order to protect workers from injury, it is important that we review all trucks being operated. Along with the worksite where they are used. Next, We train your employees in the principles of powered industrial safety, in the safe operation of your equipment, and in common accident scenarios to avoid at your facility using interactive classroom techniques including a quiz.

Lastly, we prepare and publish your inspection checklists. We also prepare and publish your driver evaluation checklists and assist you in implementing your driver evaluation program.

Powered Lift Truck Safety

Since 1985, we have made it our mission to ensure your team is safe and protected in times of crisis.

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